Beautiful Skin

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At the start of the year I made a conscious decision to really look after my skin and try and improve it’s overall condition to acheive #beautifulskin

I have Oily/normal combination skin and suffer from scarring and oversized pores, so if I don’t follow a strict skincare routine, I find the texture of my skin becomes really rough and oily and my pores become super magnified meaning my makeup doesn’t blend in well

As a result I visited The Body Shop. It’s not a store I’ve ever bought from, but, I thought I’d try it out as I kept seeing some of my fave YouTubers rave about their products and loving the results.

I explained to the sales assistant what my main skincare problems were and what I wanted to tackle, and she gave me some really useful advice. She recommended two products in particular…

Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter – This is a product that i’ve wanted to use for some time. As I wear makeup practically everyday when I’m going to work, but one thing I find hard to do is take off my makeup before I go to bed – I know it’s really bad!

This cleansing butter is a miracle product, it has the same consistency as coconut oil. In the tin it’s solid, but once you warm it up by rubbing it in your hand you apply to a dry face of makeup, it turns into an oil. The oil gets to work immediately and saturates your makeup, after I just wipe clean with a muslin cloth and warm water.

This product smells great, it’s relaxing and works a treat so I’d definitely re-buy and recommend as it’s so much better for your skin than using a makeup wipe and just as easy to use.

My next step is to moisturise using the Drops of Youth… This product is from one of the newer skincare collections and I was not immediately sold, but thought I’d give it a try and it’s proven to be great.

I’ve been using both products for over a month and I’m really enjoying using them as a duo. This moisturiser has a weird oily consistency – a gel to water liquid care- to be correct, which I wasn’t too keen on as I have oily skin, however, once applied and massaged into the skin, it dries more matte – perfect!

The Drops of Youth also contain plant stem cells, which help restore and repair the damaged and unhealthy skin, leaving the skin softer, smoother and moisturised.

It’s safe to say that I’ll be back to try out some of their newer collections, do you have any recommendations?





Really Kanye?

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Over 11 hours ago Mr. West took to Twitter in a bid to get Mark Zuckerberg’s attention to fund him with 1 Billion dollars! – yes, one billion dollars, in order to help fund his creative juices in which will ‘make the world a better place’.

When it comes to Kanye, you either love him or love to hate him, and personally I haven’t really decided what group I’m in. When I first read his series of tweets I couldn’t help but laugh. He’s definitely got some nerve.

If you haven’t seen his tweets or heard about his latest tirade on social media, Kanye claims to be in 53 million dollars of personal debt and is calling for Zuckerberg’s help to change the world.

Kanye has decided that he IS Mark’s favourite rapper and that it his duty to help him ‘breathe’.

Now, my first issue is that with all Kanye’s influence and money it feels that he’s blaming everyone else for the result of his debt. His creativity seems to be to big for the world.

He tweets ‘one of the coolest things you could do is help me in my time of need’ really?! #firstworldproblems ayy.

In my opinion if you are a certain calibre like Kanye and live a certain life, what can you not achieve?

I feel Kanye needs to re-evaluate what he spends his money on in order to achieve his goals, like the rest of us.

He even goes on to give Zuckerberg a time frame in which he would like a phone call – I mean, c’mon Kanye!

Although I was flabberghasted, I do love how spunky Kanye is. I live by the rule: If you don’t ask, you don’t get, and obvious Kanye has no qualms with asking his peers for help.

Claiming to have retaken the throne of rap, on thing he is, is passionate… ‘Bars are worth more than money because it’s something the people can use everyday to feel inspired.’ I love Hip Hop and even I have to agree with this.

What are your thoughts on Kanye’s Twitter rant?

Get To Know Me Tag

Get To Know Me

Get to know me a little better by taking a leaf through my Get To Know Me Tag. I’m sure you’ve watched this tag on YouTube, so I changed some of the questions so you can really get to know me (some of the questions are painfully boring)

Name: Rianne Mitchell – as if you didn’t already know that
Nickname: This depends on who I’m talking to but it can be anyone of these; Ri, Babe, Sugarplumb (lol)
Birthday: I’m a Summer baby! Born in August 1993. I unashamedly do not know what hospital  I was born in and really don’t get why people would ask.
Star Sign: I’m a Leo. Im not a believer in star signs, although i have to admit, I do sometimes browse through my horoscope if i buy a magazine as I think it’s mildly entertaining.
Occupation: I work as a Copywriter in the jewellery industry.
Appearance: Just take a look at my Instagram!
Hair Length: My locs are cut into a shoulder length bob, however the shape is growing out
Peircing & Tattoos: I’ve got no out of the ordinary piercing, I only have my ears pierced. As for tattoos, I do not have any yet but love the idea of getting a Mandala, although, I occasionally feel the best self expression is to be part of the minority and not get one *shrugs*.
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Dream Holiday: I would love to take a year out of reality and travel the world. i would visit places like; Australia, Kenya, Ghana, Hawaii, Jamaica, Brazil – basically anywhere that’s HOT
My First Concert: The first ever concert I went to was to see Drake in 2010. I’ve been to a few concerts and my favourite act has surprisingly been Snoop Dogg at Wireless.
My Favourite Film: This is the hardest question anyone could ask me. In my house we can watch a movie on repeat for weeks on end. So i’ll list a few; Inception, When Harry Met Sally, Sister Act 2, Brown Sugar and most recently CREED. I just love a good movie.
Favourite TV Show: I’ma a sucker for American Reality TV, series, political dramas and sitcoms. I love; Scandal, Modern Family, GIRLS…
Songs: Think Adorn by Miguel may be my favourite song EVER
Favourite Book: The Great Gatsby & Americanah – If you haven’t read, please do!
Magazines: I used to read magazines a lot, but i’ve cut down due to hoarding loads of copies in my bedroom. I currently enjoy reading Stylist and ES and the occasional Porter magazines on my commute to work though.
Style Icons: I would never class myself as being even minutely fashionable but I do love Rihanna and Karrueche’s style.

Have I missed a question out? Want to know something more about me? Just leave me a comment x