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Get To Know Me

Get to know me a little better by taking a leaf through my Get To Know Me Tag. I’m sure you’ve watched this tag on YouTube, so I changed some of the questions so you can really get to know me (some of the questions are painfully boring)

Name: Rianne Mitchell – as if you didn’t already know that
Nickname: This depends on who I’m talking to but it can be anyone of these; Ri, Babe, Sugarplumb (lol)
Birthday: I’m a Summer baby! Born in August 1993. I unashamedly do not know what hospital  I was born in and really don’t get why people would ask.
Star Sign: I’m a Leo. Im not a believer in star signs, although i have to admit, I do sometimes browse through my horoscope if i buy a magazine as I think it’s mildly entertaining.
Occupation: I work as a Copywriter in the jewellery industry.
Appearance: Just take a look at my Instagram!
Hair Length: My locs are cut into a shoulder length bob, however the shape is growing out
Peircing & Tattoos: I’ve got no out of the ordinary piercing, I only have my ears pierced. As for tattoos, I do not have any yet but love the idea of getting a Mandala, although, I occasionally feel the best self expression is to be part of the minority and not get one *shrugs*.
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Dream Holiday: I would love to take a year out of reality and travel the world. i would visit places like; Australia, Kenya, Ghana, Hawaii, Jamaica, Brazil – basically anywhere that’s HOT
My First Concert: The first ever concert I went to was to see Drake in 2010. I’ve been to a few concerts and my favourite act has surprisingly been Snoop Dogg at Wireless.
My Favourite Film: This is the hardest question anyone could ask me. In my house we can watch a movie on repeat for weeks on end. So i’ll list a few; Inception, When Harry Met Sally, Sister Act 2, Brown Sugar and most recently CREED. I just love a good movie.
Favourite TV Show: I’ma a sucker for American Reality TV, series, political dramas and sitcoms. I love; Scandal, Modern Family, GIRLS…
Songs: Think Adorn by Miguel may be my favourite song EVER
Favourite Book: The Great Gatsby & Americanah – If you haven’t read, please do!
Magazines: I used to read magazines a lot, but i’ve cut down due to hoarding loads of copies in my bedroom. I currently enjoy reading Stylist and ES and the occasional Porter magazines on my commute to work though.
Style Icons: I would never class myself as being even minutely fashionable but I do love Rihanna and Karrueche’s style.

Have I missed a question out? Want to know something more about me? Just leave me a comment x


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Rianne Mitchell

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel” -Steve Furtick

Hello and hi, welcome to my blog. Millions of blogs are written each day so I’m ecstatic that you’ve found mine – have a browse around and let me know what you think.

My name is Rianne and I’m a 20-something year old living in South London. By day I’m a copywriter in the jewellery industry and in the midst of writing professional blogs, cool copy and perusing social media , I thought – why don’t I start my own blog? So here I am.

Join me as I document my life, share my personal thoughts and explore the world I inhabit throughout 2016.

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