My Caribbean Adventure: 2 Weeks in Jamaica

Jamaica seems like a very distant memory right now, and all I keep thinking about is how much I was enjoying life 😒💚❤️️💛.

My two week adventure in Kingston was definitely one to remember. Split into two parts, I was able to see the real Jamaica and experience its unforgettable people and culture, as well the perfectly-packaged tourist ready version of the island.

Week 1


Soaking up the sun, and drinking WATA!


As mentioned in my previous blog, this was my first trip to Jamaica. Kingston is where my grandma grew up, where my dad visited when he was younger, so I was more than excited to experience what they had always talked about.

‘Uppa country’ as locals like to say, is where I called home for the first seven days. (Funnily enough when I got back to the UK I learned that my grandma actually grew up on the same road as where I was staying. Coincedence much?!) Beautiful views, windy country roads, fresh food, is all what consumed my time.

No internet, no TV, just living simply. To some this may sound like hell, but in all honesty it was a relief. Detoxifying even. This is what going away is all about (for me anyway) and it was lovely not to have any distractions and to simply chat, listen, learn and enjoy life.

The week now seems like a blur, I guess the saying ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ is true. The cool late nights playing dominoes or dancing merged into the days where I sat in the sun drinking bag juice. I felt like this is what life is meant to be like 100% of the time – no time keeping, just taking the time to have fun and be.

Week 2

After enjoying a week with family, it was time to move to our airbnb.

Now, can I just take a moment to praise how convenient and affordable airbnb is in Jamaica. We found some beautiful gems to rent, but, settled for an apartment opposite the Bob Marley museum. Super convenient, modern and it even had a pool which we never actually used, but it was nice to have the option, especially as we were hours away from any natural beach.

Being in Jamaica was a gave me nothing short of a whirlwind of emotions, but ultimately it taught me to be confident… unapologetically, inside and out. It’s a mantra that many of us talk about and try to omit, but honestly speaking I didn’t feel conscious about myself, about my weight, about my race and it was lovely to just live life. Maybe this was down I to me being in my natural habitat, being comfortable in my surroundings, and in my skin, it was a feeling that I surely will never forget.


Frenchman cove
Frenchman Cove
Frenchman Cove
Frenchman Cove

We most definitely caught the beach bug and headed even further to Ocho Rios – Turtle Tower beach the day after too.

Turtle Tower Beach
Watching Dolphins
Turtle Tower Beach
What does this look like to you? #PumPum Rock
Views from Portland




Hope you enjoyed… I know I did!

Are you off anywhere special in the coming months?


22 thoughts on “My Caribbean Adventure: 2 Weeks in Jamaica

  1. Girl you are OOZING confidence in those swing pictures, you look incredible! Detoxifying and staying away from the Internet sounds like a great experience, it’s definitely important to take a step back from time to time and it sounds like you found it really beneficial! Playing dominos and dancing sounds right up my street! I’m so glad you had such a magical time!

    Abbey ✨

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like you had such a great time! I absolutely love how the photos from your trip have turned out… the quality looks brilliant, the lighting and all the angles are perfect! Well done xx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Mawd (‘mad’ – translation: awesome)! Love reading of visitors’ experiences here 🙂 Also, very refreshing to read about your stay in Kingston as most visitors opt for the beach-filled Montego Bay and/or Ocho Rios. I feel compelled to point out that you weren’t “hours away from any natural beach” though, there are quite a few in Kingston and St. Catherine, though none I know as beautiful as Frenchman’s Cove, rated as 1 of our top beaches. Glad you enjoyed it and actually got to experience the culture, bless!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes, the ones I know are mostly near the Kingston airport in Harbour View/ Port Royal and Bull Bay. The St Catherine stretch of beaches is a favourite of many as an alternative to the longer trips to other parishes. As I said though, Frenchman’s Cove is top-notch 🙂


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