6 Beauty Products I Wish I NEVER Bought

Over the past few months I’ve accumulated  a lot of beauty products, LOADS of which I’m a fan of and would definitely repurchase, but there’s been a few that I’m just NOT feeling, no matter how much I try to use and get used to them, so I thought I’d share my experiences.

First off is Sleek’s Matte Me. I bought this lippie last month on my hunt to find the perfect matte lipstick – I’m actually obsessed with any matte look but I find it hard to find colours that sit well against my skin tone. I decided to give these a go, they were cheap and every one had been raving about them. I picked up Birthday Suit that had been sold out everywhere and Fandango Purple. However, these lippies looked terrible on me and felt really drying and papery on my lips – am I the only one? 

sleek matte lip

Next up is NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser. I’ve really got a love hate relationship with NARS, they have beautiful products that I would love to try, but their foundation shades just don’t cater to my skin tone, which leads me on to this product. I bought this tinted moisturiser for a holiday I was going on – I didn’t want to wear makeup, but I didn’t want to go bare faced, so I thought a tinted moisturiser would be the way to go. I bought this tinted moisturiser in Polynesia, which was the darkest they went up to (i don’t think they’ve got anything darker) but it definitely wasn’t my shade even after being recommended it in Selfridges. I was also disappointed with its coverage.


One thing that really annoys me when applying makeup is my visible pores. It’s one thing I would definitely change if I could, but I’ve come to learn that no matter what I do, nothing tremendously improves their appearance. I bought this Garnier Smoothing Correcting Primer, and after reading what it could do for me, I was sold! I did notice a difference in it smoothing over my pores, making my makeup look that extra bit flawless, however, it made me super SHINY! – absolutely not a good look, especially as I suffer with oily skin.


I’m sure you know by now that I’m in love with Nails Inc from my last nail inspired post. I received this Nails Inc Nail Polish in Uptown for Christmas, and I instantly fell in love. It truly is the perfect nude pink. I love it, but sadly it just doesn’t suit me 😦

nails inc

I think it would suit a fairer skin tone though, but to be completely honest, I just like looking at it *covers face in shame*

Carrying on with the whole lip pie saga, I recently found out that NYX is now available on ASOS- yes, hunny! I had heard so many people raving on social media about NYX products, saying they were really good and super affordable, so I thought I’d give them a go. I would never normally recommend buying lip gloss/ lipstick products online as you just don’t know if the colours you’re seeing are true to life, but I went with it anyway – more fool me!


I chose Prague in the soft matte creme and Merengue in the butter gloss, which really do look beautiful, but look terrible on me. Again I found the matte gloss felt papery on my lips – I think this is a sign that I stick to matte lipsticks as I just don’t find matte glosses are my cup of tea. Does anyone else have this problem?

The last item on my list is Decleor Aroma Night. This is a night balm, which you put on after cleansing your face. I found this product left my skin sooo hydrated and smooth, however, it STANK. The smell was just not pleasant and actually put me off, because it’s all over your face, you cant escape it lol. The only thing I could compare it to was black Liquorice, like those black jack sweets lol. I wouldn’t say this product was a complete fail, but I won’t be re-purchasing, simply because of the smell.


So tell me, what products have you been loving and hating? Let me know x

10 thoughts on “6 Beauty Products I Wish I NEVER Bought

  1. Haha I am still laughing at the “can’t get sway grom it as it’s all over my face” comment! But it made ypur face feel awesome I would be tempted to stick with it ha! Oh no are the sleek matte me crap😮 i just bought one for a friend uh oh! I have never tried them but they are raved about! No no buying lippie online is so not the one as a black girl it’s dodgy as hell! Lol but you know they have an NYX counter in selfridges!
    I too have products like this! I had an idea was the other day I might as well say here as it seems appropriate, but do you know what we should do! And by we i mean us and a few other girls Have a beautyswapshop for products we just don’t use we can give away ones we don’t use and gain new ones all for p&p! 😀 x


    1. What! A trip to Selfridges is needed! How did i not know this?!? I think their lipsticks are the way to go for me… And OMGGGG this is such a cool idea, im down to do this alongside you x


  2. I had the same experience with the Sleek Matte Me lipsticks. I purchased the exact same two shades as you and although they look great when swatching, they looked awful on my lips and were really drying. I had to apply bare minimum of ‘Birthday Suit’ and a lot dark brown lip liner to get it to look okay-ish on me. Waste of my money 😦

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  3. I tried the NYX Matte Lip Cream too and found it drying also. It looked horrible on my lips the first couple times I tried it. Then, I tried putting on a lip balm first and then the Matte Lip Cream. What a difference it made!! My lips looked normal and the lip cream still stayed on. Give that a try. I bet it will work for you too. It will help you in the world of liquid lipsticks. 🙂 Nice post!!

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