My Hair Disaster!

This is all about the time I ended up with pink/blonde roots and burgundy ends! YES you read that right!

This is the only photo I could find with my pink roots – but it doesn’t give it justice, thank god!

For us girls, our hair – as much as we like to deny it, is a big aspect of our appearance. We love to take care of it, colour it, cut it and play around with different styles, so when it goes wrong it’s very much a big deal – it’s kind of like having a big spot on your face – Everyone will pretend they don’t see something majorly wrong, but we all know the problem, its right…there! And sadly, it’s an unspoken etiquette that I’ve experienced all too well.

So if you didn’t already know, I’ve had dreadlocks for about 8 years (take a look at my recent hair post) – and very recently cut them into a lob – the length and weight of my hair was just too much.

Anywho, one day I decided to dye my hair red! I love seeing coloured dreads and I just wanted a change. Throughout my childhood my parents never really let me experiment with my hair, which is why I thought I’d finally give it a go.

Once I decided on the shade of red I wanted (I think it was postbox by Schwarzkopf), I visited my usual hairdresser, who I don’t actually think is a trained hair colour specialist, but I did it anyway and it looked bomb! I was so happy!DSC01245

Being a red head was all I imagined lol, I constantly got compliments, even got a new nickname – rasta red! But very soon I learned it was too much to maintain.
I was colouring my hair too often in order to keep its deep colour, which led to my hair becoming super damaged.

I decided to leave the colour for a few months, while treating my hair, using natural products and Jamaican Castor Oil, which really thickened up mu roots.

Skip forward, I had a holiday to Barbados coming up and wanted to have my hair colour popping again, so I booked an appointment to bleach my dark brown roots so the red colour would catch and then colour the rest of my hair.

Well. What a mistake that was.

You know when you sit in the chair and you just don’t feel confident. Like you know something’s up.

All I remember was looking in the mirror and seeing blondey/ginger roots. Errrrm is it meant to be like this? “Yeah, yeah it will be fine, just wait ‘til I put the colour on” – was what my hairdresser replied. To be honest I should have known it could only end badly.

Instead, I decided to stay put and watch my hair being put to the test.

You know when you just don’t know what to do – cry, laugh, refuse to pay?

I left the shop in utter shame, no confidence and a greasy head, smh!
My roots were pink with blonde baby hairs and burgundy ends, three tones in one.

I knew it was game over as everyone on the bus home was just giving me that sympathetic look.

I went to Barbados looking ‘interesting’ to say the least. Everyone told me it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was but talking to my sister about it, and now she actually admits that it was terrible – thanks sis x

I guess the moral of the story is go to a qualified colourist and listen to your gut feeling!

I can obviously laugh at this now, but it’s taken so much for my hair to get back to normal, although I am thinking of colouring my hair again… what can I say, I’m a gluten for punishment.

I know I’m not alone though, what dire hair mishaps have you been through, I really want to hear your stories, I can’t be alone on this one. x

14 thoughts on “My Hair Disaster!

  1. I recently woke my boyfriend up at 6.30am on a Saturday morning crying my eyes out! I had my hair done by my hairdresser of 4 years the night before and when I finally caught it in natural light… I was devastated! I’d asked for a gorgeous ash blonde balayage and ended up with bright yellow hair, orange roots and random clumps of orange thoughout! Safe to say I’ve now changed my hairdresser! X


    1. 😵😖😱 omg this is my nightmare, it honestly makes all the difference to your confidence! Since then ive jus been doing my hair myself or asking my mum to help with cuts. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Aveda, so wana give them a go, but just really put off by previous experiencing 🙈


  2. At least you can laugh now!

    Our hair is our beauty, so they say. If it does not looK good – we do not feel good.

    I am natural and colour the front section of my hair to give it a kick.

    Loving your sister locks by the way!


  3. I love your hair Rianne! And it really does suit you! The colour you have now is amazing, I think it works well with our complexion. They do say your hair is your beauty, hair and eyebrows lol. Nothing worse than going to a hairdresser that doesn’t have a clue but wants to practice like you’re a Guinea pig! Find a good one and stay loyal lol xx


    1. Thanks boo! I literally think i just have bad luck with these things, ive been growing out my eyebrows for the longest time after the person who usually threads them hacked all the hair off- eyebrows can make or break a face lol its no joke! I do really want to dye my hair again though as these are something else… Im looking at Aveda as they are said to be good with all hair types x

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  4. Omg girl I feel your pain! I’ve had my fair share of hair disasters!! Don’t let it put you off colouring again, just make sure it’s someone you trust ha!

    What colour are you thinking?

    Chloe |


    1. Lol 😖 its actually ridiculous how hairdressers do this to people and gladly let then leave the salon… i wana go red again properly, i love being a red head if that even makes sense, so ive been researching Aveda as they are meant to be really good with different hair types x


  5. Hahaha hun omg my heart goes out to you but it’s funny as hell only because I know the shame well, but pink roots and baby blonde hairs how did they manage that?? I think it’s the polite British in us that make us say thank you and pay for a shoddy service rather than cause a fuss! My mother wouldn’t on the other hand! X


    1. Seriously just take the plunge! I tried when i was in secondary school but was so stupid and worried about everyones opinions so i combed them out, but 2 years later i did it and havenr looked back! Theyre so common now, and they really are beautiful and so versatile x

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