ASOS Wish List

One thing I love to do when insomnia hits is online shopping. It doesn’t help that I stare endlessly into my bright phone screen when I need to go to sleep – and it’s definitely not so good on my bank balance either! But ASOS is my go-to app on my phone when boredom strikes.

Recently I have been struggling with what to wear, not just to work, but even on the weekends and quite frankly it’s just not cool – Is anyone else in a style rut? My wardrobe is a shambles at the moment. I have a very outgoing personality, however, my clothes don’t really reflect that. I’m starting to feel as though I need some friends who are stylists, as I obviously don’t know how to dress!

I’m guilty of buying clothes for a specific occasion and never wearing them again, so, after one to many times my wardrobe has made me late to work, I’m deciding to consciously buy clothing items, which will help me save money in the long run and help me pick out a stylish, somewhat trendy outfit for every day life, more easily.

My wardrobe is in dire need of a revamp, and as Spring is literally round the corner, I decided to build a ASOS wish list filled with timeless pieces and a few statement threads that I know can be styled with other already existing pieces in my wardrobe.

I currently live in jeans and anything black or grey 24/7, so I’m hoping to wear a bit more colour throughout Spring, I’ve got a strange obsession with pink at the moment too, and I say strange because I don’t view myself as a girly girl, but pink hues at the moment are EVERYTHING to me… anyway, here’s what I’ve been lusting after.


I’m a simple kind of gal as you can probably tell from my wish list, but I do love a splash of colour now and again, so let me know if you have any pieces you would recommend, also what’s your favourite store? I feel like I live in anything ASOS/ Topshop – it’s just the easiest option X

2 thoughts on “ASOS Wish List

  1. Hahaha my life right there I am an incorrigible insomniac ! all you see is the bright screen light shining out from under the duvet covers. YESSSS pink pink pink lol. What would you describe your style as? I’m no stylist but I love knowing this kind of stuff lol. Nice wishlist so very girly:-) My wardrobe is a mish mash I love vintage, my fav shop for jumpers is pop boutique omg 80s trashy jumpers at their best haha, charity shops, good ol’ primark, Urban outfitters but it’s sooooo expensive, american apparel, Brandi Melville.. I guess I like quirky casual. x


    1. I have no idea what i would describe my style as… probably just very simple/boring and safe. I love the quality of Brandy Melville ooooh! I would love to dress how I imagine myself to but because i’ve dressed so mehhh for so long its hard to get out of the rut, I need to go shopping with you, you sons like you’ve got it down to a T!


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