February Face

february face final

I’m a makeup junkie – there I said it! I love makeup, I love buying it, the fancy packaging, building a collection and just admiring it, but out of the gazillion pieces in my makeup collection, here’s what I’ve actually been using on my face this month.

Let’s start with Eyeko Black Magic Mascara – It is hands down the BEST mascara I’ve ever bought in my life, AND it was only £3 at a beauty sample sale – result! I used to use Benefit’s They’re Real! but it’s nothing on Eyeko. This mascara really does work, giving your lashes drama, length and curl, without clumping – I really can’t imagine using another mascara. My lashes tend to get weak too, but this contains Keratin and Shea butter which helps strengthen the lashes and conditions them… what more could you really want from a mascara.

Staying on the subject of eyes and lashes, my next love is Benefit’s They’re real Push Up Liner. I’m going to be honest, this eye liner is not the easiest to use because the design of the tip of the pen that’s designed with a ‘number’ to push lashes out of the way, but once I got the hang of it I found it’s quite easy to use and create a fleeky flick. One thing I love and hate about it though is that it stays put. Once you’ve drawn a line forget about trying to wipe mistakes away, but, on the plus side you don’t have to worry about it rubbing out throughout the day. You can also control how much actually comes out by twisting the bottom on the pen, which is handy.

Bare Minerals Powder in Golden Dark. I rediscovered this after my Mac pressed powder ran out, and I’m so glad I did. I had three lying about, so I’ve got enough to last me a lifetime. This is a non cakey powder that leaves your skin looking golden with a slight shimmer – I love it. It’s way lighter than Mac’s pressed powder and lasts throughout the whole day, I only touch up if I’m going out after work.

The next product that’s been on my face practically everyday since I bought it, is my Mac Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation (yes ladies, now you don’t have to worry if a guy takes you swimming on a first date, lol) This foundation is beautiful, after getting a Mac Makeover, my artist recommended it and I find it looks so much better than the Studio Fix Fluid does on my skin – it looks more smooth and fluid. this foundation is a mid coverage foundation and build able, which is great if you have imperfections you want to cover. A little goes a long way too as this tube has lasted me about 5 months.mac3

Bobbi Brown and Mac products have a always been a staple in my makeup collection. I’ve had this Bobbi Brown palette for about 3 years and it’s something I always use when I’m going out or want to add a little shimmer to my look. I can’t actually remember what this palette is called but I use the colours for highlighting on my brow bone, and cheek bones. This is kind of my alternative to a contour kit, as I have high cheek bones this complements them, much more than a deep contour which I feel will exaggerate the shape of my face.

bobbi brownI think, in fact I know I have a problem with eye shadow palettes as I have so many, but only use this Mac Burgundy x9 palette, it gives me LIFE. The colours are just so beautiful – subtle enough for everyday, but are so pigmented and shimmery that you can wear them on a night out. my fave colours are; Honey Lust, Antiqued, Embark, Star Violet and Sketch.









One of my more recent purchases is a NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait. I hardly ever wear lipstick or lip stain, but I thought I’d try something different and its definitely the colour for me –  a perfect mix between a pink and brown and it smells lush.


And lastly, it’s not really a makeup product, but I use this everyday, to control enlarged pores, even when i’m not wearing makeup. Maybelline’s Instant Pore Eraser is a miracle in a tube. I feel everyone in the beauty world has tried and tested this product but it’s something I’ll repurchase as it helps my makeup apply better and look a lot smoother over areas where I suffer with enlarged pores.

What beauty products have you been enjoying this month or in general? #FebruaryFace




7 thoughts on “February Face

  1. Agrees with all my affection that would be great to see. I’m trying to imagine what that eyeliner is like but I just can’t picture it lol. I love bare minerals powder I bought it first i think 6 years ago and fell in love, I hate feeling caked up on my face so this was perfect lightweight and soft. haha the only way a guy is taking me swimming on my first date is if it’s on a tropical beach:-) Beautiful colours in that palette. Hmmm what have I been enjoying! errm actually a bargain find a lipstick from essence cosmetics in wilkinson of all places it’s quite a pinky sheer but great for everyday wear, the weather is so crap I just can’t be bothered to spend a long time on looks lol so a nice neutral shade is making me happy as Larry, skincare has been more my focus since Jan x


    1. You know recently ive been obsessed with lip products ive bought so many new colours that frankly all look the same. Wilkinsons does makeup?! What? Also i found a new eye liner that I’m blogging about and i love it much more than benefits plus its cheaper!


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